poniedziałek, 20 września 2010


I hope one day ,
We will look in the same direction...

środa, 15 września 2010

Recipe for the happiness

my recipe for the happiness?
to be with him.

then my fears become little ones,
and my problems are our problems.

poniedziałek, 6 września 2010

the man i'm going to marry

the man i'm going to marry:
- loves drum&bass music
- likes big headphones
- likes to play PC games with me
- loves eating everything what I made in the kitchen
- dances when he has a good mood, but only when we are alone in the house
- loves dogs
- makes me breakfast on sunday mornings
- will buy me a turtle, because it eats spiders (i'm really scared of spiders)
- changes into the spider- killer when some spider appears somewhere around
- hugs me at cold nights
- tells me that i'm the sweetest girl in the whole world
- tells me that i'm the largest treasure in his life
- likes to better stay with me at home and spend evening together than go out with friends
- has romantic soul but he'd never admit it

I love him.
He loves me.
I know it not because he says it 10 times a day but I know it because I can feel it everyday.
I miss him.
He misses me.
It hurts but time when we can be together is the best time in our lives.